Paris Hilton attacks, declares herself best dj and Richie Hawtin comes to the rescue?!


Yup , thats our headline, we don’t believe it either . So lets get right to it.  I’m not sure what the hell is going on with this planet but Paris Hilton just proclaimed “my DJ skills attract Ibiza’s top party crowd”. and “For all the haters out there who say I’m just pressing play, no I’m not.” as well as “I play the best tracks that bring out the most fun in people”. For more on her incredible cocky attitude check out the interview here.

Then she responds to Deadmau5′s twitter of just “whatever, just clean up your stupid f*ckin mess before I get there next week.” with a non directed cool response of “For those of you who constantly stalk my page 2 talk sh*t. Keep being a bitter hater. Meanwhile, I will be living the time of my fukin life!”

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.49.58 AM


This leads us to the final part of the headline. Richie Hawtin just hung with Paris this past week in Ibizia and they wound up in the ice bucket challenge video together. Ever since then theres obviously been some shrapnel taken and because of it since he felt the need to do this long defensive post.


Paris Hilton has sure figured out how to make a career for herself no matter how controversial. She once again is the spotlight of everyones attention and is now hanging with Dance music’s elite like she’s part of the club. Finally you can check out a video from this past week where she showcases her Dj’ing complete with water being spilled on her equipment.


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  • Peter Jacksons


  • Ben Murk

    Let Richie get a blow job in peace golly ppl!!!!

    • Ben


  • Frankie Bones

    She is Paris Hilton. Always going to be royalty. Never going to have DJ skills. Face it, accept it, move on.