Deadmau5 Alleges Fake Krewella set!!??

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Krewella have been the focal point of controversy over the last year with the departure of Rainman and wars with deadmau5. This Ultra was the debut of their live act with live drums and guitar. The 2 girls were also singing and supposedly Djing. Only problem was as Deadmau5 points out, they don’t seem to be plugged in as you can see in the picture. The Dj performance looked very peculiar at times even at one where one of the girls seemed to forget her headphones weren’t on. To make matters worse the girls were very pitchy throughout their performance even with their mic mix turned down.

UPDATE: the girls are saying they used USBs but this still doesn’t do anything to refute the fact that it seems as if they were not actually DJ’ing. We are sure this will be heavily scrutinized once the videos come out.

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  • Stu

    Using USB’s but A) I see no USB keys and B) why is there a laptop that looks like it’s hooked up to Traktor there? #frauds

    • Ese Culo

      You can use CDJs as controllers using Traktor. The USB cable runs from the rear of the deck to the laptop. The USB port on the top of the mixer runs to the laptop. It’s not a common setup, but people do use it. With that, you also don’t need to run audio cables from the decks to the laptop, just audio out from the mixer.

      • DJ HardLuck

        The thing I see that wrong with the picture is that the CDJs arent connecting to the mixer nor to an interface that will read the time code CDs that are required to run Traktor on that hardware. I use a Traktor S4 and borrow CDJs for sets removing the need for an interface since it acts as both a controller, mixer, and interface in one but yeah no phono cables or XLRs to the mixer = set faking. It’s really sad I like krewella’s tracks but when an artist does this you are just being lazy for your pay.

        • Ese Culo

          If you’re using Advanced HID, which is how they are set up, you don’t use time coded CDs, therefore running cables between the decks and mixer is unnecessary. In that mode, the decks only act as controllers and don’t actually process any audio, which all goes from the laptop to the mixer via USB cable. The only cables needed for the decks on that setup are power and USB going to the laptop/hub. As for the XLR, it looks like they had one going to the booth, but they could have been running their audio through digital out, which is only one small cable. It doesn’t mean they weren’t faking, but that configuration works.

          I’d watch the video to get a better idea of their setup, but I don’t really like their music.

        • Ese Culo

          You don’t need time code CDs if you’re running the sound card that is built into the mixer and HID mode.

  • Walt

    An explanation of how krewella’s DJ configuration works for all the clueless people that don’t know how the gear works … Or actually believe what deadmau5 tweeted.